SeaGood OY
Fort deli

About us

SeaGood Oy Fort Deli was established in 1996 and specialises in importing food products. We are an innovative importer and partner to the trademarks we represent. We adapt and develop according to the needs of our customers. A high quality of raw ingredients and versatile products are important to us. We follow food trends closely. Challenge us to develop something new or put a new twist on something old!


SeaGood Oy was established in 1996

The company’s first products were finger food and tex mex as well as frozen fish

Fish products play nowadays a secondary role, but the tradition continues in the company name 

SeaGood Oy’s registered auxiliary business name Fort Deli has become company’s established name

In 2001 the company doubled its turnover to about 2.5 million euros

In 2019 the company moved to its current premises equipped with a high-quality test kitchen 

In 2019 Fort Deli started exporting 

In 2019 company’s turnover exceeded 10 million euros

Today SeaGood Oy Fort Deli represents companies from around the world, from Europe to USA and Thailand 

2021 we serve our clients as part of Orkla Suomi Finland Oy Ab. In the merge we gained several brands in our representation and got more professional colleagues to our team!

The company currently employs 13 professionals


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